if you needed a reason to worship me-

I’m at my friend’s house, we’re on the computer just hangin’ out and i started to feel sick so i went to the bathroom.

I thought i just had to poop, YOU KNOW TYPICAL. but then, i started to get really dizzy pass out. while on the toilet, cool life lauren cool. So i pulled up my shorts (in case i needed medical attention i didn’t want them to find my dead body pantsless) and sprawled out on the tile.

I got really sweaty, didn’t know what was going on. Idk how much time passed but I couldn’t see anything- pretty miserable stuff.

so then i called for my friend’s help and she brought my young mess of a body an ice pack to put on my sweaty forehead. 

after a bit, that made me feel better so i tried to go to the bathroom again, but as i was going I started to throw up~

like, so there was no hope for me at that point.

I am a walking failure.

please support me in my time of need. 

donate to 1(800) POO N’PUKE

or just kill me.